What is a heat pump, and should you get one for your home? - The Washington Post

If you’ve been hearing a lot about heat pumps but you still don’t really understand what one is, you’re not alone. In places such as Sweden and Switzerland, they’ve long been a common option for controlling the temperature of homes. But heat pumps have only recently gained traction in the United States thanks to a global energy crisis and rising awareness that the all-electric systems are more efficient than typical furnaces and air conditioners. Their profile also got a boost in the summer with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes incentives for adopting them.

Advances in technology have made heat pumps more effective in colder climates, and with energy costs expected to keep rising, more American homeowners are now considering installing them as a possible way to reduce their utility bills. Whether a heat pump makes sense for your home will depend on several variables. Here’s a primer. Commercial Air To Water Heat Pump

What is a heat pump, and should you get one for your home?  - The Washington Post

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What is a heat pump, and should you get one for your home?  - The Washington Post

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