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SOLAR CABLE is nervous systems of a Solar power plant from panels to invertor and, therefore, one of the most crucial parts. Solar Panel Cable Connectors

HPL Solar Cables

They are connected on DC side of the system, proper cable sizing and its quality ultimately decides the power delivered to the load and in turn efficiency of the entire system because undersized cable results into heating which may lead further up to hazardous incidents like fire.

Also even a small increase in cable resistance resulting into increased I2R losses which is considered as a higher loss of energy and such cable will lose its acceptance.

Further as solar cable has to function in open atmosphere over a long period, it has to withstand all environmental severities like UV radiation, rain, dust & dirt, temperature variations, humidity, insects and microbes etc. frequent failure / replacement of solar cable will lead to decrease in the overall project efficiency resulting in high operational costs.

HP Solar cables are made under stringent MNRE parameters to deliver lasting performance throughout the lifetime of the PV system.

Special Properties of HPL Solar Cables

HPL solar cables are manufactured with the following materials.

HPL Solar Cable has Electrical, Chemical, and Thermal & Mechanical features, detail profile are mentioned below:-

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HPL Solar Cables

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