Commercial Loans

Our team is eager to help you attain additional funding, whether it is for property, a factory, land, equipment, vehicle or something else such as a cash flow injection so that your company has more readily available funds. As your accountants, we will tell you about full doc, lease doc, low doc, no doc and the forecast income verification. We are then able to assist by supplying suitable documents which may include income tax returns, financial statements and reports to your providers. Also, should you need any additional financial documents, such as a budget and forecast for your business showing your projected cash flows and profits, we are also able to work closely with you and prepare the necessary reports.

Our expert mortgage brokers are constantly checking on the types of loans that are offered by a variety of lenders. They will listen to your situation and recommend what best suits your needs and will help to achieve your financial goals. Our brokers often recommend different lenders based on their type of client such as startups, developers, highly geared investors etc, but they will take into consideration if you have a preferred lender and let you know the best option that they have with them, before recommending their own finds.

We will help you from the start of your loan process to the end. Please do not hesitate to call us to arrange a meeting.