Not for Profit Services

Not for Profit Setup

Our team is eager to help you during this unforgettable time. We will make setting up your not-for-profit as easy as we can so that you can actually start running your NFP as soon as you can. Our team will work closely with you, understand your goals and what you hope to achieve and provide advice on the optimal legal structure and other specifics based on your situation. We are also able to prepare and lodge any formal documentation that is required by relevant government bodies.

Budgets and Forecasts

Our team can create specialized budgets and forecast for NFPs so that you have confidence in your future business decisions. It will become a vital tool to monitor and guide your business and can include items such as fundraising strategies and cost-effective and limiting goals. These also may be required if you are hoping to get further investment for your NFP.

Compliance and Advice

NFPS can feel as difficult as operating a regular business due to the large amount of regulatory responsibility they have to meet. Our experienced team understands the complexity of NFPS and can not only ensure that compliance is continually met, but provide proactive advice to help you prepare for the future. We are eager to persistently help your not-for-profit organization succeed however we are able to.

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

Our experienced bookkeepers and accountants will easily and quickly process your data, to provide you with financial statements and reports that accurately reflect your current situation. AITP can ensure all your accounting and bookkeeping needs are met and guarantee your accounting and bookkeeping reporting remains as hassle-free as possible. We at AITP understand the reporting needs for NFPs and able to produce general and special purpose reports and reduced disclosure requirements. We are also able to prepare you statements of profit or loss, financial position, changes in equity, cash flows and their associated notes.


Even though NFPs generally don’t have to pay tax, they are still required to submit annual returns which we can easily prepare for you no matter your situation. Also, if you NFP hire staff, you will be required to register for PAYG withholding which we can do for you. In addition, if at any time you provide your staff with non-monetary benefits due to the nature of your NFP you may be subject to Fringe Benefits Tax; however there are certain limited rebates which we can discuss with you.

Audit and ACNC

Our experienced auditors and specialists can provide accurate Annual Reports to the ACNC and any further documentation that may be requested by other bodies. These can be prepared quickly by our experienced team so that you can always meet your deadlines.